What is 100% Duroc ham?

Many of you may wonder what Duroc 100% means: Duroc isa pig breed, and 100% is the degree of racial purity of each animal of this breed. This breed is originally from North America, although it is currently one of the most produced pigs in Europe and, more precisely, in Spain.

Currently, Duroc pigs are one of the most used in the production of ham, either for crossbreeds with other white layer pigs, or for crossbreeds with iberian pig.

What are the characteristics of this breed?

  • The pig is reddish, with a relatively long coat and a larger size than the Iberian pig. Adults usually weigh around 350 kg.
  • It is one of the few breeds with a black hoof. This only occurs when they are 100% pure or crossed with Iberian pigs.
  • Feeding and raising is usually done intensively in closed farms and with fodder.
  • The curing of the product will depend on the crossbreeding of the animal, being shorter when pigs are crossbred with other white-coated pigs, and larger for Duroc 100% and Iberian pigs.


Why is it used in crossbreeds with Iberian pigs?

  1. Its great infiltration of fat makes this pig have a delicious and unctuous meat which makes it an ideal pig to mix with Iberian pigs.
  2. It is larger than Iberian pigs, so crossbreeding Duroc with Iberian pigs results in larger pieces and therefore greater profitability for the farmer.
  3. It is the only breed of Iberian pig homologated in the R.D. 1469/2007, November 2, that can be crossbred with Iberian pigs.


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What is 100% Duroc ham?
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