How can we prepare a good, quick, affordable and perfect dinner?

Usually, when we have guests, we want to serve them a very good dinner but we don’t really want to spend a lot of time and effort making it. We have the perfect solution for these situations: prepare some trays of cold meats, cheeses and pâtés and everyone will enjoy it!

What type of trays can we prepare?

  1. Iberian products

    Bandeja de embutidos ibéricosIn a perfect table, there must be the jewel of the Spanish gastronomy. What Iberian products can we choose? 

  • Acorn-fed Iberian ham or shoulder
  • Acorn-fed Iberian pork loin
  • Acorn-fed Iberian “Chorizo” (a spicy sausage)
  • Acorn-fed Iberian “longaniza” (another type of sausage)
  1. Cured meats

    Catalan and national sausages are also very typical.

  • Fuet
  • Longaniza
  • Bull
  • Chorizo of lion
  1. Cheese

    Bandeja de quesosA good selection of cheeses cannot be missing in this type of dinner. There must be a variety and harmony among them that will delight all our guests:

  • Manchego cheeses
  • Blue cheeses
  • Creamy and spreadable cheeses
  • International cheeses (Swiss, French, Italian…)
  1. Delicatessen

    AceitunasSome nice pâtés, some pickled products, Cantabrian and Mediterranean preserved foods. Any kind of product that is simple and that combines with the rest of the food.

  • Foie gras and pâtés
  • Anchovies
  • Olives
  • Tuna belly and other preserved foods.

Once we have prepared these trays, we only need to combine them with some delicious bread slices with spread tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. In addition, we can also prepare a salad or a potato omelette.

Copa de vino tinto

Do not forget to accompany this dinner with a good bottle of red wine or cava if you prefer it.

FIf you follow these guidelines, you will have a perfect dinner! Remember that you can find most of these products on our website or in any of our physical stores.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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How can we prepare a good, quick, affordable and perfect dinner?
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