What knives do I need to cut ham?

The ham is an exquisite bite in which the cut plays a fundamental role.  To enjoy the ham in all its splendour, we need a perfect cut and to obtain this perfect cut we need the right knives.

What do I need to cut a ham?

  • Ham: It is a piece of wood or metal in which the ham is anchored to be able to work the cut in a comfortable and safe way. There are several ranges depending on the professionalism required in the cut and the materials used.


  • Ham knife: It is the most important and fundamental knife for the cut.  Its elongated appearance with a length between 24 and 30 cm long and narrow with a width between 1.5 cm and 3 cm and its complexion is fine and flexible to make it manageable and adaptable to the needs of the cut.  The blade usually has small holes to allow air to enter and avoid friction with the slice.

  • Lace: This is a knife with a hard blade, short length and a very marked tip. The main function of this knife is to separate the bone from the lean bone where the cut is made.  This action is fundamental in order to obtain thin slices depending on the areas of the ham and in order to make the piece more profitable.

  • Knife for debarking and cleaning: It is a knife with a wider blade than the ham and a length of about 20 cm. It is important a greater rigidity and a comfortable handle, since the areas of the ham that are cut with this knife are the hardest and those that require greater strength.

  • Chaira: It is an elongated instrument of stainless steel whose purpose is to maintain the edge of the knife in optimal conditions. Its length is usually similar to that of a ham knife and its shape is rounded and full of grooves to be able to make the friction with the knife.

  • Ham tweezers (optional): A good professional must work with ham tweezers to avoid manipulating the ham with his hands.  The tweezers can be of various types, but they are usually made of stainless steel and are very easy to handle so that the thin slices of ham can be easily tweezed.

All this is what you need to be able to cut ham at home or wherever you want and enjoy the ham or shoulder whenever you need it, however, ideally a professional should make this cut. In this way we can stimulate all the senses. Remember that moniberic has its shops at your disposal, where you will find expert ham experts to help and advise you on everything you need, or on the web you can buy your hams cut by knife and vacuum packed.

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What knives do I need to cut ham?
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