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    Our Reserve Ham is the piece of quality that we can find in the market within the group of non-Iberian ham. It comes from white layer pigs, raised in intensive regime, fed with cereal feed from birth to slaughter.

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    Our 100% Gran Reserva Duroc Ham is the highest quality piece that can be found on the market within the group of non- Iberian ham. It comes from 100% pure-bred Duroc pigs raised on farms using an intensive diet of top quality feed from birth to slaughter.

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    The Iberian Cebo Ibérico Ham is obtained from the best Iberian pigs, which throughout their life, from birth to slaughter, receive a diet basedexclusively on top quality cereals and legumes. 

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    Our Cebo de Campo Ibérico Ham comes from high qualityIberian pigs. These animals are raised in the open air in Andalusia, where they can graze and exercise. This favors fat infiltration in the meat, making it more juicy. Their diet is based on natural pastures and is complemented with first quality cereals. 

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    Coming from the best dehesas (natural pastures with trees that produce acorn), the pig of our Iberian acorn-fed ham has been fed in the open air on acorns, natural pastures and other foods from the ecosystem in which it lives. This translates into a ham of the highest quality, in which every detail has been treated with care to achieve one of the best...

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    Our 100% Iberian Acorn-fed Tomás López Ham is the most exquisite, it has a persistent flavour with a juicy and intense texture. This ham comes from 100% Iberian pigs, raised in freedom, fed in a montanera regime based on acorns and natural pastures, with a curing period of more than 36 months with natural ventilation regulated by our expert ham experts.

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